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Evaluating Websites: Home


There is a lot of great information on the web, but along with the good information is a lot of inaccurate and outdated information. It is your job as a researcher to separate the good from the CRAAP!

Evaluation Practice

Which website would you choose for research on explorers? Test your skills by visitng these websites and completing the evaluation form for each website. 


  • Date the site was created is posted.
  • Dates for any revisions/updates are posted.
  • Site does not contain broken links.


  • Information relates to my topic.
  • Information is at an appropriate level.



  • Author is provided.
  • Author contact information is provided.
  • Author is an expert on the subject.
  • Website URL ends in .edu or .gov


  • Information seems accurate.
  • Original sources of information are listed.
  • Spelling and grammar is correct.


  • Purpose is not to sell or promote a product.
  • There are no signs of bias.